The Disadvantages of the Internet of Things

We humans are like magnets. We are smitten by the better good that technology has to offer. Very often we overlook the negative implications it can have on our lives. So, here is to list out just a few instances of what IoT could do to us, and the generations to follow.

Over dependence on technology

Imagine a day when you are late to work and a stuck in a jam, just because the traffic lights decided to break down! Opps! That is quite some showdown for someone who depends on 10 alarms to wake you up on time, and even get the water heated to the appropriated temperature for that quick shower before getting to work.
Do you realize how our lives revolve around technology? Right from the water heater, to the coffee maker, to breakfast, and even the traffic lights, everything happens as one merely sounds off a voice command, or taps on the screen of the tablet. For everything else that isn’t physically controlled by mankind, there are sensors at work. The future of IoT assures smart homes but a weak mind, a rapidly dwindling intelligent quotient and common sense going for an absolute toss!

The Bug

An even better example would be, when you are on your way to work, and are hauled over by a ridiculous jam just because the internet bugged the traffic signals misleading scores of people out on the road at busy traffic hours. Some are even more seriously injured owing to accidental mishaps caused by these signals. The Internet connection must be seamless when one uses sensor-oriented appliances. Also there should be a back up plan in case there is a breakdown in the system.

Privacy/security issues

Both government and non-government bodies use the Internet of Things. Hence the levels of security are very high. Yet it is easy for hackers to breach through the layers of security in order to procure the information required. Can you imagine giving up information on personal finances at the cost of high-end technology?

Loss of Jobs

With most of our routine work going online, the need to assign people working at lower levels will only witness a sharp decline, resulting in the loss of jobs, furthering the predicament of unemployment.

Lack of communication

Sensors often transmit data using the internet, informing the user of changes on the appliance used. This appears in the form of a notification on the applicant’s smartphone or tablet. So imagine getting information on the need to pick milk from the market. The notification appears on both your own phone and your spouses phone too. This could lead to wastage. Hence this proves that the Internet does transmit data, but doesn’t really complete the circle of communication to avoid wastage.


Devices from different manufacturers will be interconnected, when using the internet of things. Sometimes issues with tagging and monitoring do crop up! Hence, masses will then follow the bandwagon purchasing that certain standard brand that will serve the purpose of many tasks. This in turn will lead to monopoly of a certain brand in the market.

The perfect exemplar of this will be in the use of Bluetooth devices. For instance Apple’s, Airdrop does not work while being used to transfer music from one device to another.


IoT works around a complex labyrinth of information and security measures. Hence a power failure or even a bugged software could cause serious damage to the entire system.

As we progress in time we only come to realize that IoT will become the way of our life before we even know it. However it is imperative to understand, that we only use the same to make life easier, and not further complicate the same.

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