What is the IoT

In the recent years we’ve stumbled upon quite a few computing terms. These include the IoT (Internet of Things) and Cloud based applications. As I delve into researching information on the same keeping the future in mind, I am simply amazed by its implications.

Have you ever wondered how Apple has seamlessly reached out to the market making quite a notch in the computing segment? While the iPod earns just a fragment of the fame, the actual dash (in the recent years) is made by the iPhone. So what made the I-phone so special? When I asked around one of the most common answer I got was, “The iPhone’s empowered with the ability to cater to anyone’s requirement. It simply bears the insignia of the user, as the phone caters to those features largely used by the user himself, and not by those incorporated by the company.” This user, who wishes to remain unnamed and has also noticed the growing purpose cloud based applications, growing both on the iOS, and Android applications.

What is a cloud-based application?

Back in the years if we needed any specific software, one would have to physically install the same using CD ROM’s, or DVD’s onto the computers hard drive.  But now, these programmes are available on the Internet, at nominal or sometimes no cost. And the same can be accessed using only an email id and a password.

Today we are in an age where there is increased M2M communication. This is owing to the marriage of cloud based applications and sensors inserted within devices that are capable or receiving, analysing, encoding, and transmitting the data. This in turn actuates the processes of the Internet of things. The Internet of things will work best in a place when it has the ability establish infrastructure to analyse the data more accurately in real time.

And now here’s for the big question! What is the IoT. The full form of IoT stands as the Internet of Things. This means that connectivity extends beyond the traditional realms of a tablet, computer, or a laptop, to a device or a range of devices that are capable or evaluating or even transmitting data.

The Internet of Things doesn’t function successfully without cloud-based applications. The applications are vital to process, and interpret the data that hails form sensors. This is how it actually becomes easy for us to take our work with us even while we are on the move.

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